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Acrylic, cyanoacrylate and epoxy adhesives

Applicator guns for epoxies LOCTITE 96001

7 in stock

510,68 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J1013

Bi-component epoxy quick adhesives LOCTITE EA 3430

Out of stock

112,26 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J1011

Bi-component instant cyanoacrylate adhesives LOCTITE 3090

16 in stock

154,63 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0118

Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 406

69 in stock

149,21 lei327,08 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0020

Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 424

9 in stock

164,14 lei1.867,88 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0025

Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 460

13 in stock

158,73 lei1.991,26 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0015

Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 495

66 in stock

154,03 lei1.960,35 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0070

Hybrid adhesives LOCTITE 4070

37 in stock

159,10 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0005

Hybrid adhesives LOCTITE HY 4090

99 in stock

183,06 lei371,38 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0007

Instant cyanoacrylate adhesive LTEC CU1

89 in stock

113,75 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0013

Instant cyanoacrylate adhesives LTEC CU6

79 in stock

119,08 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0018

Kit of multibond adhesive + activator LOCTITE 330-7388

10 in stock

342,76 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J1004

Liquid activators for multibond adhesives LOCTITE SF 7386-7388

15 in stock

342,13 lei655,23 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J1003

Methylic cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 415

14 in stock

152,61 lei1.934,43 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0030

Methylic cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 496

51 in stock

142,93 lei1.763,66 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0060

Mixing nozzles for LOCTITE hybrid adhesives

21 in stock

91,74 lei92,33 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0009

Multibond acrylate adhesives LOCTITE AA 330

13 in stock

411,44 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J1001

Universal cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 401

229 in stock

39,39 lei1.687,10 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0010

Universal cyanoacrylate instant gel adhesives LOCTITE 454

23 in stock

161,77 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0040

Viscous cyanoacrylate instant adhesives LOCTITE 480

8 in stock

192,78 lei2.184,90 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: J0050