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Absorbent powder for oil

Absorbents for oils and hydrocarbons LTEC WHITE DRY

8 in stock

833,90 lei904,86 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4131

Absorbents for oils and liquids LTEC SEPIOLITE

56 in stock

207,00 lei212,91 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4155

Absorbents for oils and liquids SALPINA

50 in stock

385,14 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4150

Battery acid neutralizers LTEC SAFETY SAND

1 in stock

248,86 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4210

Cover drain protective mat LTEC

1 in stock

983,59 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4137

Emergency kit anti-oil spill LTEC WHITE DRY KIT

3 in stock

1.345,03 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4132

Non-woven material for filter mats LTEC

58 in stock

131,65 lei714,67 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4110

Universal absorbent pads LTEC GRAY DRY

5 in stock

875,30 lei904,86 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4133

Universal absorbents LTEC

18 in stock

183,34 lei236,57 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4151

Universal emergency kit anti-spill LTEC GRAY DRY KIT

1 in stock

1.345,03 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: H4134