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Squares and levels

Bevel protractors ALPA

127 in stock

345,45 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4120

Bevel protractors with magnifier ALPA

56 in stock

532,73 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4115

Beveled edged squares 90° ALPA

Out of stock

568,62 lei2.635,78 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4613

Beveled straight edges in stainless steel

45 in stock

71,08 lei789,55 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4620

Digital bevel protractors APLA

24 in stock

2.755,24 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4110

Digital Protactor/Inclinometers ALPA

47 in stock

639,27 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4710

Digital Protactor/Inclinometers SPI

8 in stock

2.797,40 lei4.494,77 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4713

Digital universal protractors

1 in stock

533,27 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4130

Flat edge squares 90° ALPA

Out of stock

462,01 lei2.173,78 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4611

Horizontal spirit levels ALPA PLANOTEST

1 in stock

3.050,40 lei3.553,86 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4703

Horizontal spirit levels grinded ALPA PLANOTEST

7 in stock

710,78 lei1.155,00 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4702

Horizontal spirit levels in cast iron ALPA PLANOTEST

2 in stock

1.006,93 lei1.291,23 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4700

Horizontal spirit levels scrapped ALPA PLANOTEST

3 in stock

1.617,01 lei2.428,47 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4701

Magnetic spirit levels

Out of stock

693,01 lei1.421,55 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4720

Mini digital Inclinometers with magnetic fixing system

38 in stock

397,00 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4715

Pairs of parallel V-blocks ALPA

3 in stock

681,16 lei888,47 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4520

Pairs of parallel X-blocks ALPA

3 in stock

710,78 lei1.480,78 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4510

Square spirit levels ALPA

Out of stock

4.768,10 lei4.856,95 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4707

Square spirit levels grinded ALPA

4 in stock

2.724,62 lei3.565,70 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4706

Square spirit levels in cast iron ALPA

10 in stock

1.427,46 lei1.925,00 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4705

Squares with base 90° ALPA

1 in stock

775,93 lei2.843,09 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: D4616