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Industrial cable winders: electric and spring

Cable reels manual ZECA 230 Volt

3 in stock

455,39 lei1.928,03 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N7100

Cable reels manual ZECA 380 Volt

3 in stock

663,10 lei2.326,80 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N7103

Compressed air hose reels 804/8-804/10

8 in stock

1.468,31 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: L5134

Compressed air hose reels ZECA “MINI”

14 in stock

893,80 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: L5135

Industrial cable reels with spring ZECA

3 in stock

1.574,88 lei1.580,80 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N7115

Industrial cable reels with spring ZECA 4315/GS

Out of stock

1.752,07 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N7116

Vibration-control rubber mounts M/F

350 in stock

14,33 lei65,07 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8011

Vibration-control rubber mounts M/M

542 in stock

12,91 lei213,85 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8010

Vibration-control rubber mounts P/M

415 in stock

6,51 lei142,10 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8012