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Threaded inserts

Basic thread repair kits

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237,77 lei516,92 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8671

Bolt anchor for cracked concrete and seismic applications FAZ II FISCHER

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7,27 lei50,59 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8230

Bolt anchor zinc-plated steel for non-cracked concrete FBN II FISCHER

511 in stock

4,37 lei62,52 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8225

Bolt anchors zinc plated steel for non-cracked concrete VORPA VE.7CE

2300 in stock

3,84 lei29,49 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8227

Bolt anchors zinc plated steel for non-cracked concrete VORPA VE.A

3025 in stock

3,55 lei39,17 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8223

Brass fixing PO FISCHER

481 in stock

3,37 lei12,29 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8210

Drill bushes DIN 172 long series KING

1035 in stock

18,65 lei67,79 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8530

Drill bushes DIN 172 short series KING

458 in stock

15,55 lei122,95 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8510

Drill bushes DIN 179 long series KING

303 in stock

12,41 lei57,07 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8520

Drill bushes DIN 179 short series KING

1439 in stock

11,84 lei46,01 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8500

Mandrels for wire thread inserts

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329,12 lei1.202,23 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8650

Self-tapping thread inserts – galvanized steel

822 in stock

2,25 lei20,13 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8602

Self-tapping thread inserts – stainless steel

300 in stock

4,32 lei24,25 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8603

Taps for wire thread inserts

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89,35 lei784,19 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8630

Thread inserts repair kits

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553,93 lei1.317,93 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8670

Thread Inserts repair kits multidimension

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2.560,05 lei TVA Incl.
SKU: N8690